Surfing in Autumn: Catching Waves Amidst the Golden Hues

20 September 2023
Category: Ear Pro Blog

Autumn is often heralded by images of golden leaves, crisp morning air, and cozying up in warm sweaters. But for the adventurous at heart, it paints a vivid picture of carving through waves in the crisp air without the crowds of summer. Surfing in autumn offers a unique blend of beauty and challenge that’s unmatched by any other season.

Fewer Crowds, More Waves: One of the standout advantages of surfing during fall is the noticeable reduction in crowds. As summer enthusiasts retreat, the waves become less congested, offering a more solitary and immersive experience. This not only means a higher chance of catching the wave you’ve set your sights on, but also a greater connection with nature.

The Cool Embrace of Autumn Waters: While summer brings warm, almost tepid ocean waters, autumn introduces a refreshing coolness. This cooler water can invigorate the senses and make every ride feel even more alive. There’s a certain clarity and crispness to the ocean during this time, which many seasoned surfers vouch for as providing some of their best sessions.

Adapting to Changing Wave Conditions: As the seasons transition, so do the patterns of the sea. The shift from summer to fall can bring about changes in wave size, speed, and form. While this means the potential for some epic rides, it’s crucial for surfers to be observant and adaptive. Studying local surf reports and understanding tidal shifts become even more essential.

Suiting Up for the Season: The drop in temperature necessitates a switch in surfing attire. It’s time to transition from spring suits or even boardshorts to thicker full suits, gloves, and booties. These adaptations ensure that surfers can enjoy extended sessions without the risk of hypothermia.

Safety First: The combination of powerful waves, strong winds, and the potential for early sunsets means that safety should be paramount. Always inform someone of your surf plans, keep an eye on the weather forecast, and be cautious of shifting tides.

Protect Your Ears with Ear Pro: The unique experience of autumn surfing also brings a heightened risk of “surfer’s ear”, especially with the chilly winds blowing into wet ears. Surfer’s ear is an exostosis or abnormal bone growth within the ear canal due to repeated exposure to cold water and wind. As a preventative measure, Ear Pro serves as a dual-purpose solution — not only helping keep ears free from trapped water, but also moisturizing the ear canal, which can be a lifesaver during the colder, windier conditions typical of autumn.

Autumn presents an opportunity to surf amidst breathtaking landscapes, with the seascape painted in hues of gold, amber, and orange. With the right preparations, including protective measures like Ear Pro, this season could easily become your favorite time to hit the waves. So, wax up your board, zip up your wetsuit, and dive into the autumn waves with both excitement and assurance.

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