Farewell Summer, Hello Winter: Preparing Your Ears for the Chill
30 October 2023

As we bid adieu to the sun-soaked days of summer and the sounds of waves crashing on sandy shores, the brisk and crisp notes of winter begin to unfold. While most of us are readying our wardrobes for the cold season ahead, it’s essential not to overlook another vital part of our body that requires […]

Winter Escapes: Jetting Off to Sunnier Shores and Staying Trouble-Free
23 October 2023

As winter sets in and blankets the land in frost, many of us dream of warm, sandy beaches and glistening tropical waters. If you’re considering trading snowflakes for sunshine this winter, here’s a guide to make your journey not only memorable but also worry-free. Pack Right, Travel Light Sun Protection: Even though it’s winter, tropical […]

Surfing in Autumn: Catching Waves Amidst the Golden Hues
20 September 2023

Autumn is often heralded by images of golden leaves, crisp morning air, and cozying up in warm sweaters. But for the adventurous at heart, it paints a vivid picture of carving through waves in the crisp air without the crowds of summer. Surfing in autumn offers a unique blend of beauty and challenge that’s unmatched […]

Cold-Water Dips and Open Water Swimming: Embracing Fall’s Refreshing Embrace
14 September 2023

Cold-water dips and open water swimming are not just for the daring and adventurous. They are soul-refreshing rituals that many swimmers swear by, especially during the crisp months of fall. With the golden hues of autumn as your backdrop, immersing yourself in nature’s liquid embrace can be both invigorating and meditative. But, as exhilarating as […]

7 Tips for Enjoying Water Sports Without a Hitch
10 September 2023

Water sports are the epitome of fun, thrill, and connection with nature. Whether you’re skimming over the waves on a jet ski, taking in the beauty beneath with snorkeling, or gracefully gliding with stand-up paddleboarding, the water offers an adventure like no other. However, to ensure every splash is pure joy and devoid of woes, […]

Mindfulness & Connection to Nature: Serenity in Water Sports with Ear Pro
3 September 2023

The rhythmic sound of the waves, the refreshing feel of water against your skin, and the feeling of floating effortlessly—water sports offer an unparalleled sense of tranquility and connection to nature. Whether it’s swimming in the ocean, kayaking through a placid lake, or surfing atop crashing waves, the water has a unique way of inviting […]

Ear Pro 101 for Parents: Ensuring Your Child’s Ear Safety in the Water
5 August 2023

The splash of water, the excitement of a dive, and the gleaming sunlight reflecting off the pool. Water activities have always been synonymous with joy and thrill for our children. But amidst this fun, there lies an often-overlooked aspect – the safety of our children’s ears. The Inception of Ear Pro: More Personal Than You […]

The Ear Pro story
10 April 2023

In the heart of our story, there lies a commitment to the joy and passion surrounding the world of water. At Ear Pro, we recognize the beauty of a child’s gleeful splash, the thrill of a surfer conquering a towering wave, and the meditative strokes of a seasoned swimmer. However, amidst these joys, many face […]

1 January 2023

The word “prevent” has its roots in Latin with the verb praevenire and its past participle praeventus. The literal meaning is to “come before”. In its English form it was first seen in the 1500’s as preventen which means “act in anticipation of another -or- act sooner or more quickly than another” Especially just this […]

Mineral oil, is it bad for you? Debunking the myths and the Ear Pro test case
21 May 2022

We started developing Ear Pro in 2017 and after much testing and experimenting with different ingredients as well as discussions with preeminent experts in the field, we decided on the use of mineral oil. This decision was based on science, research and real world trials. I have since discovered an amazing amount of controversy from […]

10 January 2022

It is the most essential element for life on this planet. It is the most essential element in our own bodies – It is literally in our DNA! For many of us, WATER is also a LIFESTYLE.  We are drawn to water. It makes us feel whole and energized, it nurtures our creativity and our […]

World Champion Swimmer Amanda Beard Joins Ear Pro as Official Swimming Evangelist
9 November 2021

SAN JOSE, Calif. (November 9, 2021) – Ear Pro, the world’s top preventative remedy against ear infections caused by trapped water, welcomes four-time Olympian and World Champion swimmer, mother of two, and co-founder of learn-to-swim school Beard Swim Co., Amanda Beard as its official swimming evangelist. After learning about Ear Pro and experiencing stellar results […]

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