Top 9 Surfing Spots in Australia
14 November 2020

We already introduced you to our favourite surf spots in Europe, the Americas and Asia – now we’d like to put the spotlight on Australia.  We at EarPro think that Australia is a surfer’s paradise – wouldn’t you agree? The vast variety of beaches covering the coasts of Australia make it one of the top destinations for […]

Top 9 Surfing Spots in Asia
7 November 2020

When talking about the best surfing spots, places such as California, Australia or France come to mind. While we absolutely love all these places for surfing, we would also highly recommend heading to Asia. Today, Asia is actually one of the most popular destinations for surfing, offering great breaks for beginners and experts alike. Here are our […]

Top 9 Surfing Spots in the Americas
31 October 2020

We at EarPro love surfing all around the world. We already shared our favourite surf spots in Europe, Australia and Asia – next up: the Americas. The Americas offer spectacular spots for all surfers – from mostly quiet spots in Central America, to famous breaks in the United States and epic but budget-friendly surf trips in South […]

Top 9 Surfing Spots in Europe
24 October 2020

When our fans catch up on the globe’s best surfing spots, they usually find themselves directed to Australia, Bali or California. But avid surfers in Europe will know that some of the world’s best surfing spots are, in fact, just around the corner. Western Europe in particular offers an amazing variety of spectacular spots for surf […]